ACES Awards AIM Global As Asia’s Best Company

ACES Awards AIM Global As Asia’s Best Company

The Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability Awards (ACES) acknowledges fortunate corporations and people in Asia based on two main aspects; leadership and company social responsibility. This year’s 2019 award for one of the best-performing companies was received by AIM Global (Alliance in Motion Global).

About Alliance In Motion Global

AIM GLOBAL is the leading direct sales network selling company within the Philippines. The company markets and distributes high-quality Nutraceutical supplements, weight loss, skin care, beverages, and premium lifestyle merchandise.

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The company has always been a proud member of MLMIA (Multi-Level Marketing International Association) in the USA, foundation member of Direct Selling Association in Asian nation (DSAP) and Direct Selling Education Institute (DSEI) of Dubai, UAE.

Alliance in motion global has one hundred thirty (130) business offices within the Philippines and has global presence in twenty (20) countries; UAE, Pakistan, Nigeria, Singapore, Kenya, Taiwan, Cameroon, Brunei, Kuwait, New Guinea, Uganda, Rwanda, Bahrain, Tanzania, Ghana, Togo, and more.

Best Performing Companies Award Received By AIM Global

The 6th Award Recognition to outstanding organizations in various categories was live in this year 2019 by Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability Awards (ACES) at The Athene Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. There were about 159 nominations, and 59 winners emerged from keenly contested categories. The recognition of the award is the first of its kind AIM Global is receiving from ACES, a remarkable testament to the MLM-Direct Sales giant’s efforts in focusing additional strategies on connecting to its members, and showcasing steady revenue growth over the years with strong returns. This event of the award is usually put together by MORS Group, a company committed to helping firms, company leaders and outstanding industrialists in sharing a platform to exhibit leadership and sustainability excellence. The MORS Group hopes that the winning firms inspire new corporations to find out the way to interact with stakeholders and workers and embrace a culture of progressive learning. Nominees for the Leadership category need to acquire a minimal income turnover as a requirement of being selected with the Industry Champion award having a minimum turnover of US$300, Asia’s Most Influential Companies with US$80 million, for the Industry Champion award with US$200 million, Asia’s Most Promising SMEs with US$2 million and for Asia’s Best Performing Companies with US$10 million Outstanding Leaders in Asia want a minimum sales turnover of US$50 million to qualify, although budgetary requirements may be reviewed and comfy via the organisers for specific industries and situations.

Mr. Francis Miko Imson, one of the trainers at Alliance in motion global, receiving the award dedicated the award to the management, all company’s staff, and the diligent and dependable half-dozen million distributors everywhere the globe. He conjointly thanked the organizers of the ACES Awards, the Mors group, and every one the outstanding partners who conjointly attended the event.

The award is going to get all the people involved in AIM Global business worldwide fired up because being selected and recognized as an outstanding company amongst others. Good Awards helps firms realize the extent to which their organisation is functioning.

The Chairman and a part of the jury panel of ACES Award, Mr. Hermant K Batra, Hony praised and appreciated all the enterprise leaders and representatives for gracing the occasion. He encourages them to be transparent and accountable by taking responsibility to keep the advocacy for desirable governance.

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