How To Join AIM Global Uganda

How To Join AIM Global Uganda

The simplest and best way to join alliance in motion global Uganda in year 2020 is to follow carefully what will be shared in this piece.

Aim Global business is spreading faster than anyone could imagine, reason being that it has formed a great recognition in the networking and direct sales industry. A business that has existed for more than 14 years and has turn more than 30,000 ordinary people into extra-ordinary multi-millionaires especially in Africa as at 2020.

After its acceptance in Nigeria, many African countries (Kenya, South Africa, Papua New Guinea, Malawi, Cameroon, Congo etc.) have laid hold on it. Because of it high profitable and ever rewarding hybrid compensation plan, more than 2 AIM Global offices are being established in different countries yearly.

Many people from Uganda have discovered this awesome system and they are doing Alliance in Motion Global Uganda Business with ease and passion. It has been helping lots of Africans to earn extra income that has fulfilled their financial needs.

If you’re in Uganda and you need a business that is capable of turning your dreams into reality. I will be sharing how you can key in to enjoy a lucrative business that you’ll retire with and hand over to your loved one.

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The next actions you’ll take after this simple guide is the difference between the rich and the poor



Secure your future by obtaining the aim global Uganda package for a token of UGX 777,000 and you will have a product package worth UGX 893,700, meaning it’s worth your capital. Plus the creation of webpage (DTC AIM GLOBAL) and several trainings.

There is office in Kampala to pick up your packages and get regular training you need to make your first one million in 6 to 12 months. We will link you up with the manager in Kampala who will assist you to make the trainings easy to follow.

You can pay for the connection fee on your phone into Alliance in motion global Uganda account or your visit any of the Aim Global office near you. The easy guide to register requires you to have the following details before you proceed.

AIM Global Uganda Office Address: 4/F, Room 12, 13 and 14 Mabirizi Plaza, Kampala Road, Kampala Uganda.

OR you just send the details to the person that invited you to this life changing opportunity. If you would like to join our fast growing team, send us a message here.


Once you register, follow this simple guide on How to Link Your AIM Global DTC With Your Local Bank Account. This will walk you through the requirements to ease the withdrawal of your earnings. We will also send you a guide exclusively for our team members. These materials will equip you on how your dtc aim global will be worth login in to regularly to withdraw your earnings. Attend all our training at aim global office near you or join online training regularly plus digital strategies we’ll show you through.

You may be curious to ask:

  • How much can I Earn in AIM Global?
  • What are my benefits for joining this great company?

With just one account, you have a potential of earning 1.6M UGX per day. If you have 3, 7 and 15 account, it means you can earn 1.6M UGX multiply with the numbers of account you started with. This just briefly reveals the difference between a business man and an investor.

These are some and many other benefits of Alliance in motion global business

Alliance In Motion Global ATM and ID CardS
  • Product Package:  you will receiving a nutritional product pack that will keep you and tthe people around you healthy always
  • ATM Card:  AIM Global ATM card is just like payoneer card that will give you access to withdraw your daily or monthly income from any ATM close to you.
  • DTC Webpage: You’ll be giving a mini website of your own in AIM Global’s computer system to monitors all your activities and your team’s.
  • Discounts:  25% lifetime discounts on all AIM Global Products.
  • 6 ways to earn regularly: you’ll benefit from the six cheap ways to earn.
  • Internet Connection: Access your dtc login with 247 internet access and electricity.
  • Business Kit:  this has all the resources (paper bag, product brochures, linking and application). Some tips on promoting the business is also included as leaflets.
  • Weekly training: both offline and online to guide you on the right path.

Let’s Talk On The Major Ways To Earn

AIM Global hybrid marketing plan enables everyone to earn more on connecting to people who are ready to change their financial capacity through the binary. You can earn through Retailing, Connector’s bonus, Matching Bonus, Unilevel, Stairstep, Profit Sharing, and more!



For those that love selling, on each of aim global products you pick up or reorder, you’ll enjoy 25% discount for life. When you need to buy products, you’ll need the user ID Number for which you want the points attached to the products to be accrued to. You can message us in case you need products and you’re not a member.

But you have to be aware that we don’t go about hawking products in this business. Get money from those who want to buy, purchase for them at Distributors Prices (DP) and sell at Suggested Retail Prices (SRP) as listed in the AIM Global product price list. You will observe that those who sell alliance in motion global products are not always listed as top earners in the business. This should suggest to you that selling is just an added advantage not compulsory.



This is when you introduce your friends and family to this business and he/she also connect as a distributor. This new person will also start enjoying all the benefits with aim global. 50000 UGX is your reward for each person you directly connected. Many people enjoy this every day because the money can be cashed out daily.



Here, is where I want you to pay more attention to because if you ever see any top earners in this business, this is what made it possible. There are 3 ways to generate income with the Matching Sales Bonus.

  • 100,000 UGX will be your earnings for connecting 2 friends (One on both left and right sides).
  • 100,000 UGX is yours when you connect is a new registration done on your left side with a point of 1,200 when products are purchased by your right group.
  • Product point accumulation of 1,200 on both your sides to give you 100,000 UGX.

You can earn about 1,600,000 UGX daily here.

You are only permitted to have 20 matches per day to prevent flushout.

Many multi-millionaires in dollars have emerged from Uganda. Probably you’ll Know Elias Muhoozi and others. You can join our team of leaders in Uganda today. No delay, we’ll walk you through and support you. You will access to the tool that will keep prospects knocking at your door, exclusively for our team members. Now, it’s up to you.

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