How To Login To Your AIM Global DTC

How To Login To Your AIM Global DTC

To Login to your AIM Global DTC, the webpage created for every distributor of Alliance In Motion Global and it stands for Distributor Tracking Center. This simple guide will put you through the step by step process. AIM DTC is where members manage every aspect of the business such as registrations, reorders, encashments, manage successlines, daily sales and a host of other things. You can always access your account by logging on using your Username and Password.

When some of us at ProofAIM first registered as a member of this great company, we were finding it difficult to get through to our AIM DTC page. This is the reason we put this together and we believe it will definitely guide you through the process.

As a registered AIM Global member, you’ll have a personalized username and password which gives you access to your dashboard just like the one you are seeing in the display picture below.

You can access your alliance in motion global dtc account by clicking on these links: https://dtc.aimglobalinc.com. This first link will re-direct you to this second web-link: https://www.allianceinmotion.com where you will be able to select your country of residence and input your username and password. See below…


Once you have chosen your country, click on submit, you will be taken to the page shown in the image below. Click on the DTC login icon. 

Alliance In Motion Global DTC Login Page

After clicking of the icon above, input your login details and you will be automatically taken to your dashboard. 

dtc aim global links

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Here is also Easy Guide To Register With AIM Global (DIY)

AIM Global DTC Login App

Technology is making AIM Global International Business more accessible on mobile devices. Now you can download AIM Global App! Access your DTC with just one click of a button!


Alliance In Motion Global DTC Login App

Once you open the Alliance in Motion Global DTC App, you will see the DTC Login page, also the field to type your Username and Password, which you were given when connected.

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  1. Thank you for this information. I received my account details but I was stuck on how to login to my webpage. How can I get my sponsor Id please?

    1. You are welcome Kitende. I see that you just got your account registration details but finding it difficult on how to register. Please, follow this link (https://aimglobalinks.com.ng/join-aim-global-inc/) to know how To Register With AIM Global (Do-It-Yourself) process. Thanks for contacting.

  2. I want to join alliance in motion global in other to burst my business with God willing

  3. Thanks for the information. I have received my account details. Do what next please?

    1. You’re welcome. You can now login to your Aim Global DTC Account and study your dashboard.

  4. Am young descent and competent man who is ready to work anywhere please consider my anxiety

  5. what if i forget my password?

    1. Thank you Charles for this question. If at any point you forgot your password, you will have to visit or get in touch with Alliance In Motion Global office/address near you.

  6. Please help me get access to my account. I registered in 2016 but I can’t get access to my account.

    1. The best way to recover your aim global login details is to visit any of the offices near you.

      You can also call the Aim Global Marketing Officers;

      Lagos: Akinbola Adewale (09083006467)
      Ibadan: Meeting Queen (08132432624)
      Abuja: Ibrahim Tahir (08131106359)
      Kano: Friday Ogwuche (08022184195)
      PH: Akio Faith (08117339881)
      Onitsha: Calista Okeke (08149011808)
      Warri: Mohammed Yahaya (08136923533)
      Uyo: Emem Okon (08052388855)

      This also applies to those who forgot their Alliance In Motion password or/and username.

    1. Thank you for contacting. Let’s talk more on WhatsApp (08039153227)

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    It’s interesting to read what others thought and how it relates to their customers, as their view could possibly assist you later on.
    King regards,
    Harrell Zacho

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