How To Earn Secured N168,000 Daily With AIM Global

How To Earn Secured N168,000 Daily With AIM Global

Earning N168,000 daily with Alliance in Motion Global Nigeria is not new to many people out there. Many of us are aware that to become a wealthy person, there are straightforward decisions to create, which may eventually add up to assist us become who we want to be. One better option is to start a passive business you’ll be able to hinge upon daily which can take you to your financial freedom. This article will expose you to one of the best business systems that exist in our time. It’s Alliance In Motion Global world daily financial business that has created many millionaires in Nigeria than ever. Over 4000 Multi-Millionaires created Aim Global Nigeria and over 10,000 multi-millionaires globally in about 14+ years of existence. It’s a straightforward, friendly and extremely profitable very little start-up capital of N44,888 or N70,000 one-time payment. This business rewards its partners a steady Daily Earnings of N168,000 right into their local bank accounts.

I am thus glad that you are broad-minded enough to take a glance at this multi-million Nigerian business opportunity within the most significant in the world. I would like you to try and do yourself massive favour, read till the end. I am positive you can’t wait to read it because it will only take you about 5+ minutes to travel through it. This business isn’t a get-rich-fast one or Ponzi scheme, but with honesty and dedication, your financial breakthrough is guaranteed! On this page, I shall be gapping your eyes to some super superb platforms and opportunities to earn cool cash.

Many professionals have rated AIM GLOBAL BUSINESS WORLDWIDE as one of the best you should invest in. The reviews, comments, and testimonials on this company have shown that it’s reliability, trusted and worth investing in by Business For Home.  

How would your life be different if…?

  • You retired early and reveled in the liberty style.
  • You’ve got a high-income potential, time period business.
  • You connected with only the people who are interested in your business.
  • You provided a higher and healthier life for your family.
  • You pursued your passion and larger purpose.

The profit received by the likes of Donald Trump and Henry Sy  who earn even when they are asleep is residual financial gain. They live by the principle of J. Paul Getty, the first multi-millionaire in U.S.A. He said, 
I would rather earn 1 dollar out of one hundred people’s effort than earn 100 percent out of my very own effort. Click To Tweet
This among the Chinese individuals means: every one of them would earn $1 from one hundred individual’s effort, instead of earning $100 from one’s effort.”

To have the opportunity of earning N168,000 with the alliance in motion global Nigeria, you need to be aware that smart work is required as it’s not a get rich quick scheme. You’ll earn daily, monthly and yearly based on your ACTIVE and PASSIVE efforts

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To earn Passively, that is making money on autopilot; you don't have to be there, Here are four (4) ways;

1. Matching Bonus of N7,000

As a registered member of the alliance in motion global, you have your left and right positions that need to be balanced with prospects. Every time the system sees one person to your right and left sides, you’ll automatically earn N7,000. For instance, if the system sees 20 people to your left and right in a month or week or one day, you’ll receive N7,000 x 20 = N168,000. These prospects aren’t limited to the ones you connected to the business but a collective effort from your team members.


You could also have a scenario where it would be the product’s point purchased by everyone in your team that will match up at both sides to give you N7,000. Every time there’s a referral at the left and right side of your binary organization, individuals to people or constant product repeat points to products repeat points purchase or people to product repeat point. You’ll earn up to N168,000 per day.

2. Unilevel Income

Here, because you have people connected to you directly (1st generation) or indirectly (from 2nd generation and beyond), you’ll earn on all their activities. For instance, when the people you connected directly buy any products for their consumpion or someone, you’ll receive 10% of whatever. If one person bought products worth 100,000, you’d have N10,000.

Imagine if you have 20 people doing this in a week or a day all over the world. But you will still earn 5% on all activities carried out by your 2nd to 10 generations. Remember, you don’t have to know all of them. There is one of our team members that in 4 years, he was only able to connect about 60 people to the business personally. But one of the people the registered has brought in more than 40,000 people in 3 years.

3. Stair Step Plan (Overriding Commission)

Aside from the unilevel sales, a distributor can get an overriding commission once his or her rank is promoted. Hence, for each position, there’s a corresponding overriding commission assigned.

Global Ambassador 1000 points ought to be accumulated to induce the 30% earning + Unilevel.

Gold executive 100 points ought to be accumulated to induce 20% earning + Unilevel.

Silver govt ten points ought to be accumulated to induce 10% earning + Unilevel.

Distributor earn  5 % Unilevel + 5% on direct. Based on the information shown on top of the stair Step set up or overriding Commission is predicated on a graded system, from that the highest position directly earns a better share of commission based on sales worth. If you’re a global Ambassador you are entitled to a 30 % commissions on all sales and membership pack done by distributors on your genealogical hierarchy, twenty % on all Silver executive, and 10 percent on all Gold executive. This is not a single purchase, however a group purchase.

4. Royalty Bonus (GA Max 10)

Once you have attained the position of the Global Ambassador with Aim Global, you can now earn 2% from any or all the people that are connected to you who also have been promoted to the position of Global Ambassador. This is to infinity. Earn 2% of your GA’s group sales volume up to the 10th level with roll down and roll up dynamic compression.

All these ways put together and more, are your sure ways to making N96,000 daily.

What’s Your Gain in Beginning This Business?

If you love your children, get a business, not a job, because when you die your children cannot inherit your job, but they can inherit your business. If you die on the job, your boss will replace you before your burial. If your family lives in the company house, they will kick them out before they can say anything. So when you close to work, don’t go and watch television. Go home and think of doing AIM Global business. This is one thing wonderful regarding AIM Global. If you pay N44,888 to begin your business, you’ll be offered a business starter pack, which will contain all the fantastic products of the corporate with financial value of quite N83,580+ . You’re not mandated to sell the product (optional), you will share some with your family and friends, and use a number of them yourself to urge your testimonies which will keep you getting into this business.

Our team will support you on how you can easily succeed in this business.

How You Get Paid?

Your earnings are transferred into your local bank account you linked to alliance in motion global Nigeria. You will need to open an ACCESS Bank Account to withdraw your earnings. If you don’t bank with Access Bank, you can register with Aim Global first then later you’ll open and link with the business.

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