How To Link Your AIM Global DTC With Bank Account

How To Link Your AIM Global DTC With Bank Account

Linking your AIM Global DTC with your local bank account in order to easily encash your earnings is very simple than you think with just a click.

Many have been asking how do I withdraw my earning in AIM Global Account/DTC? Especially those who are far from where Alliance in motion branches is located. Do you want to know how you can link up your account with AIM Global DTC? Are you still doubting if the money in your DTC is withdrawable or not?

The money you earn from doing this business is real, and you can begin to plan on it once it drops. Our company is one of the few that pays out daily without blinking, no matter the amount you earn. The Seven Ways To Make Money in AIM Global Business is one that has been lucrative, convenient, tested and trusted by more than 5 million Nigerians home and abroad.

Your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly income will first appear in your AIM DTC before you transfer into your bank account. This is only possible if you link your Bank Account Details with AIM Global DTC. It is worthy of note that when you connect with this business, you will write your name just as it appears for your local bank BVN account details if you are in Nigeria. This is so for the company to be sure they’re not sending your earnings to someone else.

How To Withdraw From AIM Global

I have an encounter to tutor people on how they can operate their Alliance In Motion Data Tracking Center regularly. The shocking thing is that many still think someone can withdraw another person’s earning if the password is known. But I can confidently tell you that it’s impossible. If anyone tries it, the money will land in your bank account once it’s linked.

The company is very prudent in paying taxes everywhere it’s located. Some percentage of your earnings will be charged on every transfer you make from your Data Tracking Center (DTC) to your bank account. The tax removal is not by the company but by the government of your country.

Alliance In Motion Global Dtc Transaction History

Alliance In Motion Global Nigeria has a partnership with Ecobank and Access Bank for encashment. Plans are on ground to partner with significant banks across Nigeria.

While we await the collaboration between Aim Global and major banks in your country, let’s dive into the processes for linking your local bank account with the AIM Global account.

Here is how to Link Your Bank Account with AIM GLOBAL DTC

The first thing to do is to obtain the linking form shown below at any Alliance in Motion Global offices worldwide or check the file you were given when you first connected to the business or click on the AIM GLOBAL LINKING FORM to get it. Feel free to print and fill the necessary details, as seen in the form.

Take it to any Alliance in motion global branches or offices near you or send to your leader, someone close to the office. If you’re in my team, send it to us at admin@aimglobalinks.com.ng or WhatsApp to +2348039153227.

The people in charge will work on the form, and you will get a response within 5-7 working days. Now that you have linked your accounts, you have the master key to apply for the payment of your commission anytime you deem fit.

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